Technology Program

BAWCC established and staffs the Technology Program at Tenderloin Community School for all 350 students. They learn computer, iPad and research skills, create multimedia projects and learn to code.

Back in 2006, BAWCC started a special program for our 3rd graders: Typing! When we saw that many were not able to type, and many did not have computers at home to practice on, we started this focus area so that our students are prepared for middle school when they leave us. BAWCC also provides technology equipment for the classrooms.

Our last big tech initiative was our iPad Program, providing one i-pad card per grade level in grades kindergarten through third grade. BAWCC sponsored our tablet program so that our students could learn skills in additional tech areas. When Covid hit in March of 2019 and schools suddenly moved to online learning, these i-pads were loaned to our kindergarten through 2nd grade students whom the school district did not provide technology for. The BAWCC iPads were lifelines in that critical first period of at-home learning.

Technology updates quickly and thus a new initiative will be to purchase newer, faster i-pads that can run the programs needed to support learning in the classroom.

Kids using tablets