Direct Services Program and Drop-In Assistance

Every week, BAWCC has Drop-In Hours at our Center on Leavenworth Street in the heart of the Tenderloin.  Women and families come to our Center for many reasons.  They come to our Free Clothes Closet for clothing for themselves and their children.  They come to our Food Pantry because they don’t have enough food to get themselves and their families through the week.  They come to find out about our many Youth Sports Programs which offer sports, at no cost, at various locations throughout the neighborhood and nearby parks and at Yerba Buena Ice Skating Center.
Many women and families come to BAWCC each week to talk with our staff about issues and needs in their lives.  Some just need a place to talk things through or find out about resources.  BAWCC staff works with women and families to help connect them with resources in many areas of their lives, from medical services, to housing, to educational opportunities, and many other areas.
A homey touch: BAWCC’s golden retriever “receptionist”, Kaylee, is a favorite among many of the women and families who come to our Center.  In fact, some women come just for a visit with Kaylee!  Since our early years, we have had a doggie receptionist at the Center.  For many women and families, this is an easy way to check out this new place and quickly feel at home at our Center.  Kaylee greets everyone with a friendly wiggle, a swish of her feathery tail, and a quick sniff….  You never know, this new visitor might have a cookie in their pocket!!