BAWCC’s Long-Term Projects

Five Playgrounds, A Recreation Center & A Brand New Elementary School!

BAWCC’s work in this area has changed the face of the Tenderloin and San Francisco’s Civic Center.

By the early 1980s, children and families had moved into the Tenderloin by the thousands, yet there were no playgrounds, no parks, and no schools.  In 1984, BAWCC completed our first building-to-building Tenderloin Kids Count, which documented that nearly 4,000 children were living in the small Tenderloin apartments and hotel rooms.  Armed with this data, BAWCC launched our first initiative to bring a children’s playground and recreation center to the Tenderloin.

The Tenderloin Children’s Playground and Recreation Center opened in 1995, but this was just the beginning of our multi-year efforts to bring more resources into the community for families and children!  BAWCC went on to conceptualize and lead the efforts for four more playgrounds, including the two in Civic Center Plaza, and an elementary school with an on-site family center that has become an international model.

Please, take a look at BAWCC’s successful projects!