Located in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, The Bay Area Women’s and Children’s Center (BAWCC) stands as a beacon of support and empowerment for low-income families, children, and women. Since its establishment in 1981, BAWCC has been dedicated to addressing the multifaceted needs of this diverse inner-city community.

We provide a plethora of services between the two branches of our organization. Our women's center, located at 318 Leavenworth St. provides tutoring, clothing, food, and other resources for women with children.

Likewise, BAWCC is responsible for funding and building The Tenderloin Community Elementary School located at 627 Turk St. Today, we still hold steadfast to our commitment of providing supplemental services and care to teachers, students, and parents.

At the core of its mission, BAWCC offers a comprehensive range of direct services aimed at both immediate assistance and long-term stability for Tenderloin residents. These services include clothing, food assistance, educational services, case management and more.

In addition to its direct services, BAWCC actively engages in advocacy and planning initiatives. Through its advocacy efforts, BAWCC has influenced public policies and helped establish neighborhood institutions that have significantly improved the quality of life for thousands of families, children, and women in the Tenderloin area.

One of BAWCC’s remarkable achievements lies in its long-term projects, which have resulted in the development of essential infrastructure for the community. Notable examples include the construction of five playgrounds, a recreation center with an adjoining children’s playground, and a public elementary school equipped with a family center managed by BAWCC.

Overall, BAWCC’s holistic approach to community empowerment through direct services, advocacy, infrastructure development, and strategic partnerships underscores its commitment to fostering positive change and improving the lives of those it serves in the Tenderloin neighborhood and beyond.