Meet The ED

Erica M. Burrell M.Ed.

Executive Director

After more than three decades of dedicated service, our esteemed founder and former Executive Director, Midge, has retired. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for her tireless commitment and vision that have shaped our organization’s journey. 

Following a two-year-long nationwide search, we are thrilled to welcome Erica Burrell as our new Executive Director. A true San Francisco native, Erica brings with her a profound understanding of serving underserved communities and creating strategic plans to support those in need. Her academic credentials include—a bachelor’s degree in sociology, complemented by dual master’s degrees in Elementary and Special Education, each accompanied by teaching certifications. 

What truly sets Erica apart is her multifaceted approach to addressing the needs of women and children. Outside of her leadership experience and education, Erica is family-oriented and a passionate author and illustrator. We believe her passion, expertise, and deep-rooted connection to the Tenderloin make her the perfect fit to lead the Bay Area Women’s and Children’s Center into a promising new era.


School Engagement Coordinator

Mimi has been part of the BAWCC family for over 20 years. She provides support services to students and teachers at the Tenderloin Community Elementary School. Mimi’s bubbly and kind personality allows her to connect with students and her passion for cooking allows her to run her phenomenal cooking club at TCS. Mimi speaks Vietnamese and is an excellent storyteller.


Family Engagement Program Coordinator

With over twenty years of experience, Nai is dedicated to serving women and children through case management. Her background as a childcare director ensures she approaches her work with sensitivity and expertise. Nai also has a passion for children’s books, coloring, and interior design. Fun Fact: Nai has started learning Spanish and gets plenty of practice with our families!


Family Advocate

Kara serves as the Family Advocate at The Tenderloin Community Elementary School Kara has been part of the BAWCC family for over 20 years. She is a licensed child physician but spends her time advocating for the needs of students and families at TCS. Kara is mom to two boys and is a phenomenal baker.


Community Support Specialist

Rashada is a Community Support Specialist with a passion for serving families in the Tenderloin. Her prior experience in social services within the Tenderloin make her the perfect addition to our team.x Having a natural talent for building meaningful connections, Rashada enjoys bringing a personal touch to her daily interactions with people. When she’s not working, you can find her at the movies, discovering new places to eat, or even doing some karaoke!


Communidad Abuela (Community Grandmother)

Rosa has been part of the BAWCC Family since the beginning. In the spirit of transparency Rosa does not have a title. She is everywhere, whenever we need her and her love and dedication has kept our program going for over 40 years. Rosa walks students to their afterschool programs, provides one on one support in the classroom and is always willing to help organize our closet. She is a friend to all who need one and we appreciate her service.

Thank you to our Board of Directors: