The Center

BAWCC’s resource women’s center is newly remodeled and located in the heart of the Tenderloin at 318 leavenworth st. in San Francisco. This center serves as a safe space for women with children to receive a plethora of services and support for their families.

01 - Tenderloin Connections Program:

The Tenderloin Connections Program was established with the aim of fostering enduring relationships and connections among families in the Tenderloin community. Each month, we embark on a new adventure to exciting locations as a group, providing an opportunity for women to bond with their children, discover new places in the Bay Area, and forge new friendships.

02 - Support services

Our support staff provide one-off assistance and referrals to other community partners. Our goal is to ensure that every client receives the help they need to thrive.

03 - Clothing Closet

Named after our founder, Midge’s Compassion Closet provides women with clothing, hygiene products, jackets, and more.

04 - Food Pantry

Our food pantry provides a diverse selection of food groups and essential kitchen items to help nourish families in need.

05 - Technology Center

Clients have access to a computer and printing facilities to assist with their daily needs. This includes tasks such as checking email, uploading important documents, and more.