BAWCC’s Physical Education Program: “SAT” Time

For over 10 years BAWCC provided a half-hour, small group physical education program for all 350 students at the school every day.

The Structured Activity Time Program, or “SAT” Program, as the kids call it, not only provided rigorous activities in smaller groups for every student daily, but there was an important character education component to the SAT Program.  They were also doing the physical education program that is specified by the school district twice a week, the Common Core Standards.

This program is based on legendary Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.  Not only are the kids getting a chance to learn many new sports skills and games throughout the year, but they are learning life lessons and conflict resolution skills that are reinforced every day in the SAT Program.

The SAT Program has morphed, for now, into the Recess Coach Program. Students continue to get over 30 minutes of movement daily, supervised by our beloved coaches who offer a variety of games to encourage fair play and physical exercise. We hope to scale back up to our full SAT program next year.

Kids on the playground
Group of kids with teacher