BAWCC’s Free Clothing Closet

For more than three decades, BAWCC has had one of the largest Free Clothing Closets for women and children in San Francisco.  In addition to giving out women and children’s clothing, we give out smaller household items such as bedding, kitchen items, books, and even small pieces of furniture.

Job Interview Clothing: BAWCC has a special section that women can visit by appointment to get complete outfits to wear to upcoming job interviews.  If a woman is dressed appropriately for an interview, that can make all the difference in whether a woman is taken seriously in the job interview or not. BAWCC is one of the few places in San Francisco where women can get these job-appropriate clothes.

Maternity Clothing: It’s very difficult for low-income women who are pregnant to find clothing that fits them, so we have a special section of maternity clothes that we keep for moms-to-be.

We are always in need of new socks and underwear. Clothing closet hours are Tuesdays from 2:30-5:50 and Thursdays from 8:30-noon.

Women at clothing closet